Bavaria offers clean label food safety solutions many of which NOP guidelines for use in “Organic” products.  Our products are based on natural plant extracts and cultured substrates.  They are able to reduce or eliminate bacteria, unlike most available artificial alternatives that merely inhibit bacterial growth, helping prevent spoilage and food-borne illnesses and extending shelf life.

Red Meat
We offer both ingredients and surface treatments that reduce/eliminate pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, yeast and mold.

We have a number of products suitable for difficult applications like raw poultry where Salmonella, Listeria and other pathogens are a concern.

Bavaria Corp. started as a supplier to sausage manufactures so “We Know Pork”.  For pork we offer a variety of products that control pathogens with specific formulations both for cured and for raw products.

Fish And Seafood
We have products specifically for fish and seafood that reduce bacteria loads to extend shelf life, used as processing aids no label declaration is required.

Deli Entrées
We offer a range of products that work very well for surface applications, for example controlling mold growth. We also have products specifically formulated for mayonnaise, sauces and prepared salads.

We offer a number of products formulated for dairy applications such as cheese, yogurt and dips, dressing and sauces that have a high dairy content.

We have products for bakery applications, including gluten free, specifically for baked goods such as breads and others for high moisture bakery products like toppings.

Our antimicrobial surface treatments can significantly prolong the life of pre-packed fresh produce such as cut salad and vegetables.

We have formulations specifically for the beverages that can significantly prolong the shelf life of products with high sugar content or that contain fruit juice at a cost that is comparable to conventional chemical preservatives.

Below are our product lines for use with Food Safety